A new vision

So as I was sitting down to my craft table today, I started to pull out some buttons and came up with a new idea for some necklaces.  They are sorta in between the necklaces I have right now.  Very similar to my brooches, but in necklace form.  I like then a lot.  Here is kinda the way they evolved.

So I start out looking for my boxes of buttons and I come up with what I like to call a cluster of matching buttons.

After I get some matching pairs, I decide which ones I like the best.  Today I went with two different ones, the green/aqua color ones and the blue ones.

Once I get those I glue them to some felt so they have a nice backing on them. 

And after that I cut them out and put the necklace back on them.  (Since I made these I decided to change it up from the ones pictures to have the backing part inside the felt. 

Then I add a chain and taa daa a new star is born!

Let me know what you think?  Are these gonna be a good seller?  Or a flop do you think?


New End Studio at: October 19, 2011 at 11:10 PM said...

They have a unique look, I like it- hope you sell everyone you make!

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