Shopping can be so inspring

So I went to the mall this weekend while my boyfriend was at a meeting.  It was very inspiring.  I love going to Anthropologie and looking at all of the overpriced stuff that you look at the pricetag and put it back.  But while I was walking out I saw this cute little set of pushpins with little fabric flowers on them.  And it gave me the idea.  How cute would it be to make sets of pushpins with buttons on them!!!!  I could sell different colored ones.  Like natural colors, pastels, white gray and black, all sorts of different ones.  I just need to go shopping for new buttons, because the ones I have now are more designated for my necklaces and stuff.

Also if you havent seen it I also came up with another idea.  Its still a work in progress.  trying to get the right height for it.  But its this:

A zipper ring!!  Now I did try it with just the zipper and also with a zipper pull instead of a button, but I like the button better.

I also made these headbands.  I made two of them, a white one and a black one:

After my pushpins, I still want to try making a coffee cozy with zippers like my purses.


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