Zipper item idea brainstorming

Since its raining out today and I am unable to do 3d work like I had wanted, I am now brainstorming new ideas on what I can do to use the amazing 25 pounds of zippers that were donated to me.  I have some ideas.  But need some feedback.  So I want to make some more zipper purses like I have on my shop already.  And then I want to make some more rings as well. Also my coffee mug/beer bottle cozies.  But the new ideas are similar to these:


flower brooch

spiral brooch

zipper cuff


braided bracelet

Also thought about trying to think of some necklace ideas.


And its pretty awesome to see that I am the only one besides one other person with the idea for the rings!  YAY!! Just gotta get them up for sale next week now. :)

So... thoughts?  Any other ideas???


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